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Donny McFarlane, Plant-Based Plan Founder


Donny is an English teacher, yoga teacher, freediver, enthusiastic mover and plant-based lifestyle advocate.

He has been researching nutrition and the relationship between health and food for more than a decade. Ultimately, switching to a 100% plant-based diet was the catalyst that reversed years of negative lifestyle choices and allowed him to excel athletically, personally and spiritually.

When two friends lamented that they themselves would switch to plant-based diets if only it wasn’t so difficult and they knew where to start, he took it upon himself to build a resource that would dispel the popular myths about the difficulty of plant-based eating, inspire people to make the transition and teach them how to do it.

He lives in southern Taiwan where he teaches English when he isn’t busy doing research, building meal plans and cooking the recipes that appear in them.


Derek Simnett, Nutritionist


Derek received his Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diploma with first class honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His interest in health and nutrition was sparked after seeing some family members suffer from diet-related diseases. After studying and testing countless eating styles and diets, Derek is thriving on a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Being a competitive athlete most of his life, Derek focuses on performance based nutrition. He loves to help others reach their fitness and lifestyle goals through whole plant-based foods and a natural approach to nutrition and fitness.

When he isn’t helping clients online, Derek can be found conducting nutrition workshops at The Running Room, the Greater Vancouver YMCA and other locations around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Check Derek out here, too….

Simnett Nutrition Website

Derek’s Youtube Channel






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