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Charity Contribution

Why do we support charities?

Here at Plant-Based Plan we are acutely aware that we are in a privileged position, those of us who have the leisure to spend our free time surfing the internet on our expensive devices and working on improving our health and personal development in peace and safety.

Billions of people who share our planet are not in this position. The extent and depth of the suffering encountered by so many people on a daily basis is unimaginable, from the constant grind of hard labour in dirty and hostile environments to barely provide the basics for their families, to the utterly desperate situation of those who lack clean drinking water or daily sustenance.

Not to mention the enormous strain we are putting on the ecosystems of our planet. We stand at a crucial crossroads in the history of our civilisation. If we do not act soon and do it decisively, we will soon loose the coral reefs, rain forests and other environments that are home to an incredible diversity of species.

As a for-profit organisation that capitalises on our own and other’s good fortunes, we at Plant-Based Plan believe it is important to donate a portion of our profits to some of those less fortunate people, and contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

Plant-Based Plan currently donates 25% of all membership fees to charitable organisations. We plan to increase this contribution even further as our membership grows!

Who do we support?


charity: water

Plant-based Plan currently supports charity: water. charity: water is a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

15% of membership fees will be donated to charity: water on a monthly basis. We run campaigns to raise at least $100 every 90 days. You can visit our campaign page here.

Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust was founded in 2002 by a group of divers who saw the need to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Gili Trawangan island in Indonesia. They have set up conservation measures to help protect the coral reefs from previous dynamite fishing and increased extreme weather as a result of global warming and other human impacts.

Gili Eco Trust has dedicated its main campaigns of the last two years to waste management and mitigation with an eventual aim of a sustainable, zero-waste island. They have set up small initiatives to try to control and reduce the size of the dump in the heart of Gili Trawangan, whilst creating local jobs and generating income from the waste.

In the heart of the coral triangle where reef diversity should be at is most rich, we see reefs full of rubbish, damaged and bleached corals and reefs with fewer apex predators and larger species than we did years ago, which is threatening the dive industry after being established on the island for around 25 years. The status of the reefs is heavily under threat from a variety of human and natural influences creating the need for the establishment of novel reef restoration technology – Biorocks. Biorocks were first introduced to Gili Trawangan in 2002 by Gili Eco Trust’s Delphine Robbe, and now sits as the largest reef-restoration project of its kind in the world!

10% of membership fees will be donated to Gili Eco Trust on a monthly basis.

Visit the Gili Eco Trust website…


If you have any questions about our charitable contributions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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