The Beauty of Whole Foods

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We are living in a time where we get protein from a powder and vitamins from a pill. Health promises are on every label and there seems to be a pill, potion or powder to fix any health concern.

What happened with our diets that we now need to seek out nutrients on an individual basis?

The processing of foods is what happened.

When most foods are refined, they are stripped of much of their nutritional value. Synthetic vitamins, artificial colours and fibre must be added back in to allow this product to be sold and passable as food. Not to mention the hidden salt, sugar, oil combo that plagues processed foods designed to entice our palate.


Nature provides us with balanced packages of nutrients…

Instead of thinking about obtaining individual nutrients, consider thinking of things more holistically. Rather than looking for labels with phrases like “high in protein”, “more fibre” and “low-fat,” try taking a different approach. An easier, back to nature, more intuitive approach.

The beauty of whole foods is that they are exactly that, whole. There are so many complex relationships between macro and micro nutrients, antioxidants, fibre, amino acids and vitamins, that science is only beginning to understand the true synergistic power. But it is clear, nutrients are best absorbed together and in the forms and amounts provided in food by nature.

While there are some health conditions that need an abundance of certain nutrients, this is quite rare. Most of us can get everything we need from food, (B12 is the exception and will be discussed in future articles.). When we take in nutrients in amounts beyond what is provided in whole foods, it is bound to set off the equilibrium. Too much zinc displaces copper, high protein intake is hard on the kidneys, even too much Vitamin E from supplements has been shown to increase cancer risk, and the negative interactions don’t stop there.

Instead of fish oil, try flax seeds…

Stick with fresh, ripe, whole foods that provide our bodies with the perfect balance of delicate nutrients needed to thrive.

Instead of a zinc supplement, have pumpkin seeds. Rather than chug some protein powder, have some hemp seeds. Instead of fish oil, try flax seeds. These are all simple switches you can make to live a simpler, healthier and more vibrant life.

Watch for my next article where we dive deeper into some easy switches you can make that are sure to improve your health!




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